This piece holds a special place in my heart as I was able to break away from my normal style of creating snowflakes, and craft a more traditional piece. This is also the first piece in our capsule collection called "Traditions".

But creativity allows for this piece to be worn as a modern piece as well. As the length of the chain is readily adjustable to various lengths, it can be worn with a kebaya, a baju kurung or even as a modern statement or bib necklace.

As this piece has proven to be very popular at bazaars, I have decided to make it available for remakes. That's right - THIS PIECE CAN BE RE-MADE IF FOUND - and therefore will be a mainstay for a while on Finding Snowflakes.


I used :silver-toned filigree, silver chain and findings

Stats :11x12 cm filigree bib, 41cm chain

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