Here are some general questions which I anticipate will be on the minds of snowflake seekers

Why are they called snowflakes?

Essentially, each piece is like a snowflake - no two are the same and there will only be one of each. Therefore, the appeal lies in the exclusivity of each piece to its owner.

The components that I use do not come ready-made - it may have been part of an antique earring or a vintage brooch, or beads from a unique  necklace that I found. Even the casings for all the pendants on the snowflake necklaces are discovered independently!

Hence, each snowflake is a combination of several parts hand crafted together to make a unique, one-of-a-kind item.

So does this mean that there will be no remakes?
As a general rule of thumb, once a snowflake is found/sold/taken home, to keep with the theme of the jewellery line and to ensure each piece remains exclusive to the owner, there will be no remakes.

However, on the VERY rare occasion and depending on availability of components, a remake MAY be made. However, a small fee will be charged.

Where are your materials from?
Components and materials are gathered from literally all over the globe.

A majority of the items are rare and/or one-of-a-kind finds discovered during my trawls of flea markets and vintage stores, both locally and overseas (more of the latter), as well as on my swims and surfs of the internet. Some of the components are also handmade.

If I am able to identify the origin of a component, it will be detailed in the "I used" portion of the post for a given snowflake.

What is the Thumbelina Series?
This is a collection of snowflakes with rare vintage japanese miniatures used as their main component. The japanese miniatures are highly detailed representations of real items and are made on a scale of 1:6. This is one of two signature series at Finding Snowflakes.

What is the Stamping Series?
These are snowflakes made solely from vintage and antique brass, silver, copper or pewter stampings gathered from across the globe. This is the other signature series at Finding Snowflakes.

How is pricing determined?
Pricing is kept to the best possible minimum to provide for a comfortable experience for snowflake seekers.

However, apart from the usual aspects, cognisance is taken of the fact that components are vintage, rare and/or one-of-a-kind, and are imported. On top of everything, the pieces are handmade and limited to the snowflake seeker only.

Do you take custom orders?
Yes, custom made orders are possible. However, this depends on the availability of components and will be subject to a small fee.

How do I take home a snowflake that I've found ?
Click here for directions on how to place an order, make payment and other relevant terms and conditions.

How do I get in touch with you should I have further questions? ?
Just click on the "click here to e-mail" postcard icon at the top of the left sidebar or drop me a line at ida_os@yahoo.com

XOXO Snowflake